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Our Partners

Fog Room is proud to partner with other hotels and restaurants to provide the best in hospitality services and modern cuisine.

  • The image shows a modern high-rise building at dusk, with illuminated windows and streetlights, located at a city intersection.

    This image is a logo for the Charter Hotel Seattle, featuring a stylized "CH" design above the hotel's name.

    The spirit of independence and bold design makes The Charter Hotel Seattle a true standout in Downtown Seattle.

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  • The image depicts an elegant restaurant interior with modern chandeliers, wine storage, and neatly set tables, ready for dining guests.

    The image shows the text "patagōn argentine grill" in a stylized font, probably representing a restaurant logo.

    Go on a unique culinary adventure at Patagōn featuring a modern twist on South American-inspired cuisine in an elegant and upscale setting.

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