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  • Stunning Views

    The views were stunning both on the patio and from inside. The ambience was fabulous, we had a lovely view in comfortable chairs near the window. I took a brief stroll outside on the patio with nice views of the city.

    Venessa Sims
  • Service Was Excellent

    We had our off-site for work here. The food was fantastic and the service was excellent. I was very impressed with salmon and prime rib, taco bar, and all the appetizers. We all had a lovely time and the view is amazing.

    Jon Wenger
  • Impeccable Service

    I came here on a Friday night and they had a DJ playing nice music. The bar is so cute. The service was really good. I was sitting at the bar and noticed how impeccable the bartenders would make the drinks.

    Sandra L.
  • Love The Ambiance!

    Especially the outdoor patio with the fireplace. Recommend making a reservation beforehand. The drinks are pretty good! It's a nice, chill place.

    Vaishali K.